How to Find a Job Working with Books

If you are an avid reader and book lover, chances are you've thought about finding a job working with books. The possibilities might be more than you imagined. You can surround yourself with books if you work in a library, a bookstore, as a printer and through countless other publishing jobs.

Apply for library jobs. Check with your local libraries for openings as a page or clerk. Your job duties could include shelving books, checking out books for patrons and general assistance.

Become a librarian. This job will likely require a Master's degree. There are even specialties, depending on your interests. Some examples include children's librarian, school librarian and law librarian.

Apply at book stores. The options here include both the large chains, like Border's and Barnes & Noble, and smaller, independent bookstores. Larger bookstore chains such as Barnes & Noble generally have career information listed on their websites. To apply at independent bookstores, you may have to pay an in-person visit to inquire.

Consider publishing. New York is chocked full of them, but smaller publishers and specialty publishers exist all over. Jobs in publishing can range from editing to sales.

Start your own business. Opening up an independent bookstore is tough work, as you'll have to go up against the retail bookselling giants. But opportunities for selling books online abound. Consider starting an online business selling books on eBay or Amazon.

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