How to Prepare an Employee Awards Speech

Preparing a speech with which to announce the recipient of an award in the workplace requires a carefully managed balance. It must convey to the recipient as well as her colleagues that the award represents an important achievement without dramatizing the moment. Being too casual can suggest that you are merely going through the motions to get the presentation done and over with. Stretching it out beyond what is necessary can create an awkward experience for all present — including you.

Read about effective praising. "The One Minute Manager," by Kenneth Blanchard and Spencer Johnson might prove helpful. Learn how to tout recipient's accomplishments without sounding fake.

Think about the recipient. Write a narrative detailing what actions earned the award.

Create a capsule of information about each accomplishment. Explain the contribution and the effect on your overall mission.

Express your appreciation for the recipient as a person, employee and colleague.

Encourage others to follow the precedent set by the recipient. The presentation of an award honors the recipient, but it also establishes an indication of the type of work that you find valuable.

Rehearse your speech and memorize it if possible.

  • Be specific
  • Include a personal story
  • Promote actions. Repeat the name of the person
  • Talk about how they made a huge difference that they have made
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