How to Get to the Last Page Read on a Kindle

Your Kindle keeps track of the last page you read, so opening the same e-book automatically restores you previous position. Connecting your Kindle to a 3G or Wi-Fi network takes this a step further by automatically syncing the furthest page read across any device associated with your Amazon account. This means if you've read ahead on the same e-book on another device, you can quickly locate the furthest page read when you return to your Kindle.

Connect to a 3G or Wi-Fi. Connecting to a 3G data source happens automatically on 3G-capable Kindles unless you've manually enable airplane mode. To disable this mode, select "Home | Menu | Settings | [Airplane Mode] Turn Off." To connect to a Wi-Fi network, select "Home | Menu | Settings | Wi-Fi Networks" and choose the applicable wireless network. If the network is secured, you are prompted to enter the passphrase.

Select an e-book from your Kindle's Home screen. The e-book automatically opens at its last viewing location on that device. If you backtracked in the book or read further on another device, the opening position will not be the furthest page read.

Press the "Menu" button and select "Sync to Furthest Page Read." Wait for your Kindle to communicate with the Amazon server.

Click "OK" to return to the last page read or "Cancel" to stay at your current location. If you are already at the last page read, a notice to that effect appears; click "Close."

  • Synchronization occurs when you put your Kindle to sleep or turn it off. To ensure you store the furthest position, turn off the Kindle or put it to sleep before backtracking within the e-book.
  • If you want to clear the furthest page read, log in to your Amazon account and click "Manage Your Kindle." Click "Action" next to a specific e-book and select "Clear Furthest Page Read."
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