How to Publish a Book

After months or years of researching, writing and editing a book, the hardest part is yet to come. Statistically, only about one of every hundred books written is accepted for publishing. Follow these steps below to maximize the chances of getting published.

Learn about the business side of publishing. Read a lot of books about writing and publishing. Best-selling author Stephen King recommends Literary Market Place and Writer's Market to start. Publishing should be understood as a business as well as an art. Know what is marketable.

Read the current best-seller list. This will give you knowledge on market trends and what is selling. Also stay updated with a monthly literary magazine like Boldtype magazine.

Find the right publishers to whom to try to sell the idea. Research publishers to find which publish books similar in genre and style. Some publishers specialize in new authors; some specialize in publishing women or minorities.

Get a literary agent. Finding a representative can be extremely hard, but a literary agent will find an editor and publisher for the writer. Find agents that represent certain genres and submit query letters before sending a manuscript. Look for an agent that specializes in new authors.

Self-publish the book if your main literary objective is not making a huge profit. For example, this would be a good option for a genealogy book meant only for your family. This means that the author takes on full responsibility of packaging, marketing, promoting and selling the book.

Publish through a third-party vendor or small press. This is supported self-publishing offered by several companies. A price is paid for the services, which may include promoting and marketing education as well as the potential for placement in stores.