How to Sell Your Ebook on Amazon's Kindle

The Kindle is a wireless reading device. Did you know you can submit your e-book or information product to the Amazon Kindle catalog, and make money selling it? You can also submit e-books you have resale rights to, even if you didn't write them. Get your e-book in front of millions of readers by selling it in Kindle format.

First, you will need to either write your own e-book or information product, or acquire one that has resale rights.

In order to sell a product on Kindle, you need an ISBN number. Visit to apply. The cost is about $100 per e-book, but the investment is well worth it.

Create, or hire someone to create an e-book cover. The cover needs to be in JPG format. You can go to sites like eLance or eBay and hire a graphic designer to create an e-book cover for about $10. You can also purchase e-book cover software if you plan to create several covers.

You must have a seller account on Amazon to list your e-book on Kindle. Go to and follow the instructions. It takes about 10 minutes to set up an account.

Finally, follow the instructions on Amazon to list an item on Kindle. Your e-book will be available to millions of buyers, and the retail giant will promote it for you.

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