How to Start a Journal

Journaling has become quite popular nowadays when people are looking for ways to reduce stress, connect with themselves or just vent. Many find it therapeutic to write about their feelings, what happened that day or even just what they are thinking about at that moment. Journaling is an easy habit to get into once you have the basics down pat.

Buy yourself a new notebook that you like and reserve it for the specific purpose of journaling.

Buy a pen that you'll use only for journaling. Although any old pen will do, it's nice to have one that will only be used for this specific purpose.

Find a private place where you won't be interrupted and can focus on your writing.

Write whatever comes to mind. The great thing about journaling is that there are no rules! The purpose is to write whatever you want to. Nobody else needs to read your journal so you're free to write about whatever you want.

  • It's best to write at the same time everyday. Doing so will make it a habit, that you'll enjoy doing, and not make it seem like a chore.
  • Go ahead and personalize your journal. Draw pictures in it, decorate the font of the journal, add pictures or anything else that will make the journal yours and yours only.