How to Get a Book Bound

Updated July 12, 2018

Worn or antique books can find a second life through rebinding. Book binderies provide this service as well as many others. Keep your treasured books in good condition by taking them to a qualified book bindery.

Decide what you need the book bindery for. You can restore old books, create memorabilia or have a single edition of a personal work bound for a keepsake.

Talk with local used book store owners to see if they know of a reputable company that does book binding. These people will often have some inside knowledge of how and where to get your books bound or repaired. You can find local book binderies in the yellow pages.

Understand that larger companies do not usually contract to do a single book or small project. They will contract on the basis of a run of a certain number of copies. If you need a bindery for self publishing, a larger company may work for you.

Work closely with the bindery that you choose when deciding on specifics for your project. Many antique books can be rebound but some are so damaged that a nice case is the answer. Binderies specializing in antique book repair offer nice casing alternatives if your book can't be fixed.

Don't be surprised if you have to send your books away to have them rebound. Most large cities have book restoration binderies, but this highly specialized field may not be available in all areas.

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  • If you have to send you books away for rebinding, do a thorough check of the company to make sure your books will be properly insured during the mailing and rebinding process.

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