How to Create a Writer's Profile

Updated July 12, 2018

The key to a good profile is knowing what elements to list in order to catch a potential employer's attention. Follow these tips in order to create a writer's profile that documents your writing achievements.

Start with your biography. This introduces you as a writer and and shows how far you've come along while also explaining what you hope to achieve in the future. Make these sentences attention grabbing. You want the person reading it to stay interested and read on.

Add any comments you may have received about your writing. These can be from reviews you were given on your books, or even something a judge in a contest wrote regarding your work.

Outline your achievements and any awards you have been given. Make sure you add in every contest you've ever had success with. Keep up to date with entering contests because they are easy to use as promotion.

List any publications your work has appeared in. This includes books, magazines, newspapers and websites. Keep clips handy in case you are asked for them.

Put in your educational experience. List any degree you have and also any writing related classes you have attended in order to further your education.

Conclude by listing your work experience. List every writing job you've had and also include non-writing jobs. Employers look at how long you've been at each place and also the types of work you have done.

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