How to Find a Booking Agent for Speakers

Things You'll Need

  • Your speaker's name or the topic you want covered
  • Your budget
  • The details of the event like date, time, and location

Combing through all the information on a particular speaker can make it hard to find contact details. With a little research and a bit of time, it's possible to track down their booking agent, get your request in, and have a great guest booked for your event.

Finding Your Speaker

If you've seen a particularly effective speaker, contact the organization or planner that put on the presentation for details on the speaker's management. Other attendees or people in your field may have also seen or put on similar presentations, and may have good suggestions for a great speaker or useful point of contact.

Some speakers may have personal web pages with contact information for their booking agent or organization easily accessible, so use search engines to find your speaker's website. Narrow your search by using the full name or a detailed description of the topic you want covered. When you find a potential match, look around their page for a Contact or About-type page, which may provide access to their management agency or even to the speaker, if she handles her own booking.

Professional organizations and artists' agencies also operate websites where meeting planners can arrange for motivational and other speakers. In addition to their portfolio of available speakers, these sites may provide important details on availability, cost, travel arrangements, and favorite topics or presentations. If you are unsure or undecided on your particular speaker, some of these sites and services offer recommendations for your particular meeting, topic, and budget by phone or via email, to help you get the perfect speaking match.

If your speaker remains elusive, it may be time to consult bookstories and libraries, as well as on line, for agent and manager directories. These publications compile information on agents and managers for most major celebrities in one place for easy perusal, including information like names, addresses, and phone numbers of a particular person's manager or agent. There are similar directories for other industries and fields, though it may take some digging to unearth a particular person's details.


Have specific details on your event available like date, time, and type of event, so agents and managers can figure out if you fit in their schedule.

Remember to leave room in your budget for any demands like first-class travel or hotel, entourages, and other unseen expenses.