How to Make $1000 Weekly


As a freelancer writer, you will not work for a company. Rather, you will work as an independent contractor and provide work for a company or multiple companies. One of the advantages of freelance writer is that it can almost always be done from home without having to meet with clients face-to-face or go to business meetings. Additionally, you can make $1000 or more a week working full-time from home as a freelance writer.

Go to the Demand Media Studios website. This website hires freelance writers and film makers to create informational and how-to content, which is then supplied to other websites.

Apply for a job as a freelance writer. On the homepage you will find information regarding the positions they hire for. You will also be able to apply for a position through the homepage. In order to apply for a freelance writer position, you will need to submit a writing sample.

Study the Demand Studio Writer's guidelines and templates. Once you are accepted as a Demand Studios writer, go through the writer's resource section and study everything you need to know to successfully write articles.

Write a few of the $15 articles without any distractions to see how many you can write per hour. Although there are articles available that pay out different amounts, the bulk of the non-revenue share articles pay $15 each. Once you submit an article, it will either be accepted or sent back for revisions. If the article is sent back for revisions pay close attention to the changes you are asked to make, so you do not repeat mistakes in the future.

Figure out how many hours each week it would take you to write 67 articles. Based on how quickly you wrote your initial articles, figure out how many you can write in an hour. Ideally, you want to be able to write approximately two articles an hour. If you can successfully write two articles per hour, it will only take you a little over 33.5 hours a week to write 67 articles, which equals $1005.

Constantly improve your writing and research methods. If you are not able to consistently write two articles an hour when you start, do not give up. You can improve your time by choosing the article formats you are best at, focusing on topic areas you already have a familiarity with, and by identifying go-to websites for references. For example, if you are writing articles on kid's crafts, a good go-to website is Disney's Family Fun website. It is acceptable by Demand Media Studio's standards, and it has a massive library of kid's craft ideas.


Take the advice and feedback from copy editors positively and use it to improve your writing. Resist the urge to take criticism personally.

Although making $1000 a week writing articles for Demand Media Studios is very feasible, that does not mean it is overly easy work. You will need to be able to write concisely and coherently.