Does the Introduction Paragraph Go Right After the Abstract in APA?

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It’s common for students to show a degree of impatience with the multitude of rules and regulations covered in the sixth edition of the "Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association." You have a paper to write, a deadline to meet and an instructor to please. All you want to know is, “Does the introduction paragraph go right after the abstract?”

Hold Your Horses

The abstract is so important that it stands alone on one page of your research paper. At about 250 words, it will take up only about half of a double-spaced page, right after the title page.

According to APA style, the introductory paragraph of your paper goes on the next page. Type the running head, flush-left and type the numeral 3 flush-right on the same line. Double space and type the title of your paper, centered on the page. With these three components in place, you can double space and begin your introductory paragraph.


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