List of Creative Fields for a Career


For creative individuals, there may be nothing more frustrating than a job that does not allow them to use their originality and imagination. They are typically not suited for sitting behind a computer all day, crunching numbers or entering data. There are several fields that individuals with an artistic bent might consider.


The art field may be one of the most obvious career paths for creative individuals. Artists use a variety of methods to create visual representations of their thoughts and feelings. They may draw with pens, pencils and pastels, or paint with watercolors and oils. Some artists work in clay, plaster, glass, wood or stone to create three dimensional works of art. Some use computers to create digital images. Other occupations in the art field include animators, cartoonists, illustrators and print makers. Artists may work as teachers as well, finding employment in elementary, middle and high schools, as well as colleges and art schools.


Creative individuals may be drawn to the lure of the stage and pursue acting. Actors interpret roles in a variety of genres, including drama and comedy. Some actors work in theaters and perform in plays, while others work in television or movies. Acting is an extremely competitive field, and it is often difficult to find steady work. Many acting jobs are located in Los Angeles or New York, so individuals interested in a career in this field may consider relocating. Those interested in an acting career may also work as teachers. Many high school and colleges have drama programs, as do acting conservatories and community programs.


Dancers use their bodies to convey stories and ideas to an audience. They may specialize in a variety of genres, including ballet, tap, jazz, ethnic, folk and modern dance. Dancers usually perform as part of a company, though some dance solos as well. They may find work in dance companies, opera companies, music videos, movies, television and Broadway shows.


Musicians and singers give instrumental or vocal performances. Some play instruments, such as the guitar, piano, trumpet, violin or saxophone, while others use their voice as an instrument. In addition to performing, musicians may write and arrange music, or conduct other musicians during performances. There are many musical genres that musicians may specialize in, including classical, jazz, rock or rap, and they may perform with bands or as solo artists. Musicians may work as teachers and give lessons in an area of expertise.


Writers use the written word to entertain and inform readers. Fiction writing offers the most opportunities for creativity, as writers create characters and weave a story around them. Fiction writers may write novels or short stories, and some may also work in screenwriting, where they create television and movie scripts. Non-fiction writers may also channel their creativity in projects such as editorials, memoirs and feature articles. Many writers work as English teachers or creative writing instructors.