How to Publish Daily Devotional Books

Christian Daily Devotionals are messages for everyday written by the author alongside a daily reading of the Bible. Devotionals are a useful way of reading the Bible in manageable chunks along with giving a message that may be pertinent to the reader or their life situation. If self-publishing is not an option or you would prefer a publishing house to publish your work then you will need to find the right publisher to take on your manuscript.

Check your daily devotionals are at least in the general range of what publishers want to publish. WordPoints, a Christian devotional publisher, says your daily devotions should include reverent meanings of the information that are accurate to the Word of God as stated in the Bible. Carefully consider what you write and speak in a respectful and dignified tone. The language should make the reader feel comfortable and involved.

Read the blogs of Christian literary agents online for advice about all aspects of publishing a daily devotional book.

Search for appropriate publishers using the Writer's Market book or website, both of which have lists of publishing houses in America. Also look online at databases of Christian publishers, like at the Christian Writer's Corner website. Inquire as to whether the publishing houses accept fiction or non-fiction. Some will accept unsolicited manuscripts, in which case you will not need to look for a literary agent..

Find a suitable literary agent willing to represent you and your work. A list of agents can be found in the Writer's Market book or online. Also look into websites like The Writer's Edge Service, which will review your work for a fee and then present it in the best possible light to your publishers.

Christian Manuscript Submissions is another online service to which you can submit your manuscript for a fee. Remember, however, that you may want your book reviewed prior to submitting it and you can do this by contacting critiquing services.

Submit the manuscript in the appropriate way for each agent or publisher as standards may vary. For example, for the Writer's Edge Service you will need to include three sample chapters, a one-page synopsis or content page and a completed Book Information Form available on their website.

Wait to see if your manuscript has been accepted. If interested, the publisher will contact you.

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