Unicorn Stories for Children

Unicorns are mythical creatures that resemble white horses, except for a spiraling horn that juts out from their forehead. A great deal of lore surrounds unicorns; in some myths the horn cures diseases or protects people from poison. Reading stories about unicorns encourages children to use their imagination and envision worlds where similar enchanted creatures exist..


"Unicorns," an illustrated book by Abby Colich, gives the historical background of unicorn myths and presents unicorn stories from various cultures and parts of the world, including the Middle East, Asia, Europe and India. The book also contains a chapter that compares unicorns to other mythical creatures. The final chapter allows children to decide for themselves if unicorns could possibly be real.

"Where Have the Unicorns Gone?"

Jane Yolen and Ruth Sanderson's "Where Have the Unicorns Gone?" is an illustrated story in verse that poses and answers the question in the title. The story gives the history of unicorns, explaining that the creatures used to roam in "sun-dappled glades and flower-filled dells." The poem also details how negative aspects of civilization's advancement, such as deforestation, industrialization, pollution and fighting, menace the lives of unicorns. According to the book, the unicorns ultimately fled to the sea and remain there. The book contains glossy, intricate illustrations that assist in conveying a very frank environmental and political message about our world.

"My Secret Unicorn"

Written by Linda Chapman, "My Secret Unicorn" tells the story of a girl named Laura, who has a very beautiful pony named Twilight. When Laura says a special set of enchanted words, Twilight turns into a unicorn. Together Laura and Twilight try to help Shadow, a little pony living nearby who is afraid of jumping. Twilight uses his unicorn's magic to assist Shadow. However, Shadow learns to help himself one night when he becomes trapped during a storm. Aside from being a delightfully enchanting tale, the story subtly encourages children to face their fears.

Nicolo's Unicorn

In "Nicolo's Unicorn," by Sylvaine Nahas and Bimba Landmann, Nicolo is a young boy who likes to daydream about having a unicorn of his very own. Certain figures of authority, such as his older brother and his teacher, tell him he is simply being silly in thinking such things. However, his grandfather tells him to look for unicorns in art, literature, music and his own imagination. Nicolo finds the search rewarding. The book's glowing illustrations feature warm colors, striking perspectives, and the most elaborate attention to detail, all the while giving the story a very dreamlike atmosphere.