How to Write a Statement of Need for a Proposal

Updated July 25, 2017

Address only one problem in your proposal. The problem needs to be clearly defined. Use specific information to justify your need for research and funding. If you include more than one problem in your proposal, it detracts from the main issue you hope to solve.

Use logical reasoning and start as globally as possible. Convey that you have a solid understanding of the problem you are investigating. Make it clear that you are up-to-date with all of the contemporary developments that surround the issue you intend to research. State how a national issue affects a regional issue, which then impacts the community you are interested in. This illustrates an in-depth understanding of the topic and gives the potential client confidence in your skills.

State other research that has been done or is currently in progress regarding your topic. Explain why your proposed research is better. If you are expanding upon research previously conducted, explain and justify its necessity.

Describe the people or population you hope to help, study or work with. Include documentation that supports your proposed project and how it relates to the community you plan to effect.

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  • Do not include any assumptions that are not supported by facts.

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