How to Be Like Harry Potter

Harry Potter is a wizard with problems. He has to face finding friends, dealing with an awful family, fighting evil and asking girls to dance. He is a regular boy with a wand and magical powers. Though we can't jump on a broom and play Quidditch for Gryffindor, we can be like Harry Potter in other ways.

Stay true to your friends. Harry Potter has made wonderful friends at Hogwarts and in the wizarding world, and with each new friend he is steadfast and true. He stood beside Ron when he was an inconsistent Quidditch player, he rescued Cedric Diggory from the vines in the maze even though they were opponents, and he stood by Hagrid even though he turned out to be a dodgy professor. Be a true friend and you will be like Harry Potter.

Face your fears. Voldemort isn't out there hunting any muggles down these days, but Harry dealt with a constant fear of Voldemort from his first year at Hogwarts. Though he had some moments of fear and trepidation, he faced Voldemort at every turn and wound up defeating evil.

Ask for help. Harry Potter is an outstanding wizard, but he asks for help when he needs it. He asks for Hermione's expertise in solving puzzles in the Triwizard Tournament, he asks for Ron's advice on how to ask Cho Chang to the Yule Ball, and he asks for Lupin's help in defeating the Dementors with a Patronus Charm. Real men don't wander around aimlessly for answers to just appear, they look for assistance. Admit you may need help and you will be like Harry Potter.

Admit your flaws. Harry understands throughout his dealings with Voldemort that he has had help and luck in defeating him again and again. Harry admits that he had his mother's protection of love to survive the killing curse as a child. When he and his friends start up Dumbledore's Army, he admits in front of the group that his actions were never awe inspiring or wonderful. He admits to being scared and having much needed help in his fights and humbles himself to the group.