What Are Some Funny Ideas for a Short Story?

Create a short story that tickles your readers' funny bones to elicit a laugh and cause them to more fully connect with your composition. Regardless of the type of story you hope to write, you can infuse humorous elements to add a new layer to your text and give the readers a laugh, likely endearing them to your story.

Humorous Personal Narrative

While many people try to pretend that the embarrassing events that dot their past never happened, authors often choose to capitalize on these funny occurrences. When seeking something about which to write, think back on some of the funny things that fill your past. Compose a tale in which you describe one of these events, using sensory details and strong descriptive phrasing to allow your readers to step into your world and feel as if they watched you take that fall, show up to school with your pants on inside out or make a fool of yourself in a social setting.

Situational Humor

Some situations are, in and of themselves, hilarious. Select a funny situation to serve as the center of your story to set yourself up for humor writing success. For example, write a tale about a devoutly religious man who arranges a business meeting at a place that is, unbeknownst to him, a strip club.

Uncommon Perspective

Replace a tired perspective with a less common one, creating humor as you do. For example, re-tell the tale of "Beauty and the Beast" from the perspective of Belle's father who tries to give off the impression that he loves his daughter and doesn't want her to leave, but is really tired of her book-wormish ways and eager for her to flee the nest so he can marry the woman he has had his eye on.

Character Interactions Humor

The ways in which your characters interact in your tale can also be the source of much humor. When selecting characters, choose ones that don't seem to fit, creating the classic "Odd Couple" situation in which complex characters conflict with each other, leading to an array of different issues and creating a host of situations that prove hilarious to readers. For example, write a tale in which a webpage designer, struggling to pay his rent, takes in a boarder who happens to be an Amish boy on his Rumschpringe.

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