How to Write a Long Report Quickly and Easily

I have procrastinated many times in college when it came to writing multiple page reports. I always manage to pull it off and with a passing grade. Read on to learn how to write a long report quickly and easily.

Collect lots of different books on your subject matter. Even if you are only required to use a minimal amount of sources give yourself as much choices to get information from as possible.

Write on your notebook paper your subject. Next, break up the subject in many different facets. For an example if you are writing a paper on belly dancing you would break it up as history of belly dancing, culture of belly dancing, learning belly dancing and the popularity of belly dancing. Flip through all your books and find as much info as you can to place under each point.

Search the Internet to fill any holes. If one of your facets don't have as much information as others, Google will save you.

Write your introduction by repeating one main point from each of your facets. Make sure it sounds readable and it flows. Each paragraph will be from each facet. Make sure you use all your information you found from each of your sources. Reword yourself and repeat your self without being obvious about it. For an example you would say, "While learning belly dancing you have to be limber and aware of your body." The next paragraph could contain, "Women who were successful at belly dancing loved their bodies and were very flexible."

Items you will need
Notebook paper
Books on your subject matter