How to Address an Application Letter

Structure an application letter for a job or a college as you would a formal business letter. Find out the name and address of the person to whom you're sending the letter and include them in the proper format. Also use the proper salutation, or greeting.

Begin with your address at the top of the letter. This can be in the center--such as on formal letterhead--or left justified (indented to the left). Your name should go on the first line, your street number and street name on the second line, and your city, state and Zip code on the third line. Below this, add your telephone number and, on the last (fifth) line, include your email address.

For example: Jane Jobapplier 1234 Nowhere Lane New York, NY 12345 555-123-4567 [email protected]

Determine whom you'll be writing--the person's name and title. For example, if you're applying to college, search the school's website to for the name of the dean of admissions. If applying for a job, the job listing should specify whom the application is addressed to; look on the company website to learn the title if the listing doesn't include it.

Leave several spaces after your name and contact information. Then write the person's name on one line and the title below it. The company name should go on the line below that, followed by the street address and the city, state and zip code.

For example: Mr. John Smith Vice President of Marketing ABC Company 1234 Job Street Suite 1010 New York, NY 12345

Leave several more line spaces and write a salutation. Usually you should begin the salutation with "Dear." For example: Dear Mr. Smith. Use the proper title if the person has one: Dear President Smith, or Dear Dr. Smith, for example. If you're applying to college, you may want to include the names of the admissions committee too. For example, Dear Dean Smith and the Admissions Committee.

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