How to Cite a Character in a Movie

If you are writing a term paper dealing with film, you may want to cite a character from a movie. Modern Language Association (MLA) format is a great citation style to use in such a case, because it allows you to emphasize the performance of a specific actor. Simply begin your reference list entry with the name of the performer whose role or character you want to emphasize.

List the name of the actor whose character you wish to emphasize in the following format:

Last name, first name, perf.

For example:

Jackman, Hugh, perf.

List the title of the film in italics, followed by a period. For example:

The Fountain.

List the name of the distributor, followed by a comma. For example:

Paramount Pictures,

List the year of release, followed by a period. For example:


List the medium of publication, followed by a period. This may appear as "Film," "DVD," or "Videocassette."

Ensure that the finished citation appears in the following format:

Jackman, Hugh, perf. The Fountain. Paramount Pictures, 2003. Film.

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