How to Cite the Declaration of Independence in APA Format

A writing style guide is an important resource when trying to emulate a certain style, but it can be next to impossible for a style guide to cover everything you might need to know. The American Psychological Association (APA) style guide, which is preferred within the social sciences, offers many examples of source citations, but it does not provide a specific example for citing the U.S. Declaration of Independence. When citing such a source, the APA style guide recommends finding the example closest to the source and using its citation format.

Step 1

Assign a number to each paragraph in the Declaration of Independence, starting with "1" for the paragraph that begins, "When in the course." Use the number "2" for the next paragraph, which begins, "We hold these truths." Finish with the paragraph that begins, "We, therefore, the Representatives."

Step 2

Locate the paragraph containing the text intended for use in your paper, noting the paragraph's number.

Step 3

Write the citation using the following form: Name of Document, Paragraph Number (Year). This kind of citation always ends with a period.

An APA citation example is: U.S. Declaration of Independence, Paragraph 4 (1776).

Things You'll Need

  • Word processor (optional)

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