How to Cite a Foreward in APA

One of the purposes of the American Psychological Association Publication Manual is to provide guidelines for citing references within academic work. Books are a common form of reference; even specific parts of a book, such as the foreward, may be used.

In-Text Citation

If information from a book's foreward is used within text, a citation is necessary. This can be done in two ways: If the author of the foreward is mentioned in the text, put the publication year in parentheses. Another option is to put both pieces of information within parentheses, separated by a comma, such as "(Doe, 1997)".

Reference Page

When a foreward is cited in the text, it is also included on the references page. First come the author's last name, a comma, initials, the publication date in parentheses and a period. Then "Foreward" and a period are followed by the book author's or editor's initials and last name. If the book is an edited volume, "(Ed.)" is next. Then use a comma and the italicized name of the book in sentence case. Parentheses hold "p." for "page" and the page number of the foreward. Use a period. Finally, use the publication location, a colon, the publisher and a period. An entry might read: Doe, J. (1997). Foreward. D. Jones, The sunniest day yet (p. 2). New York: Books International.

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