How to Cite an Interview In-Text in MLA

Step 1

Cite any interview according to the last name of the interviewee for in-text citations. You do not need a page number for interview citations. For example: (Swift).

Step 2

Back up the in-text citation with a corresponding entry in the bibliography. Cite interviews that you have conducted with the interviewee’s name and the date. For example: Swift, Taylor. Personal Interview. 16 June 2009.

Step 3

Cite published interviews in print or broadcast form with the interviewee’s name, the title of the interview, the publication name, the date, page numbers (if applicable) and the medium. For example: Swift, Taylor. Interview with Diane Sawyer. ABC World News (2009): Broadcast.

Step 4

Cite online interviews similar to other published interviews. Include the name of the website and the access date. For example: Lambert, Miranda. Interview by John Smith. CMT Artists. CMT, 2008. Web. 4 Aug. 2011.

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Things Needed

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