How to Cite a Movie With Multiple Producers in APA

The American Psychological Association, or APA, style guide shows how to cite resources in a college paper or other report. The APA format allows people reading your report to check your sources. To cite a movie with multiple producers in APA style, you need to know the production information for the film.

Step 1

Check the movie credits to find the name of the producers and director of the movie. If you do not have the movie handy, you can use an online database (see Resources).

Step 2

Check the movie's information to find the year of release, country of origin and the studio that released the movie.

Step 3

Cite the movie using parenthetical references in the text using the following format:

(Last Name of Producer, Last Name of Producer & Last Name of Director, Year of Release).

For example, "... (Smith, Tavers & Kortes, 2001)."

Step 4

Use the following format to cite movies with multiple producers in your bibliography:

Producer Last Name, Producer First Initial, Producer Last Name, Producer First Initial (Producers), & Director Last Name, Director First Initial (Director). (Year). Title of motion picture (in italics) [Motion picture]. Country of origin: Production Studio.

For example: Smith, J. , & Tavers, M. (Producers), Kortes, K. (Director). (2001).
(indent) Learning to Fly (Italics) [Motion Picture]. United States: Dreamers Studio.

Step 5

Indent the second and subsequent lines of the citation five spaces if the citation exceeds one line in length.

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