How to Cite the NIV Bible

Correct citation in term papers is an important part of a college career, not only because it displays professionalism, but also because accurate citation can help to shield a student's work from any suspicion of plagiarism. Because the Bible is organized in a unique way, there are specific rules that govern in-text citation. The correct way to cite passages from the New International Version of the Bible will depend on whether you are using the American Psychological Association, Modern Language Association or Chicago/Turabian citation style.

Step 1

Format your in-paragraph citation in the following manner if you are using APA citation style:

(5 Cor. 5:14 New International Version)

If you continue to cite from the NIV, all subsequent citations do not need to specify from which edition of the Bible you are citing.

For example:

(6 Cor. 5:17)

Step 2

Format your citation in the following manner if you are adhering to MLA guidelines:

(New International Version, 5 Cor. 5.14)

As with APA citation style, once you have identified the edition, you do not need to do so in subsequent citations. These should appear in the following format:

(5 Cor. 5.17)

Step 3

Format your citation in the following manner if you are following Chicago or Turabian style guidelines:

(Cor. 5:14 New International Version)

In subsequent citations, you only need to cite the chapter and verse.

For example:

(Cor. 5:17)

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