How to Cite NPR in APA

APA -- American Psychological Association -- style is most often used when citing sources for the social sciences. When citing National Public Radio in APA style, you should reference the NPR website, since this is where your reader will need to go to access the radio show’s recordings and transcripts.

Reference Section Entry

Include your source in the reference section at the end of your paper. List the primary contributor, such as the host, last name first, then first initial, along with the word "Host" in parentheses. Place the broadcast date after the host’s name. Include the broadcast title and then, in brackets, the type of broadcast. Include the website link where the recording and transcript of the show can be accessed. Your entry should look like this:

Inskeep, S. (Host). (2014, July 8). Buddhist Monks Face Jail Time For July 4 Fireworks Display [Radio broadcast episode].

In-Text Citation

If you quote or paraphrase something that was said in the broadcast, include an in-text citation after it, like this:

“According to the NPR story, Buddhist monks say they didn't know of the fireworks ban since they do not watch TV, listen to the radio or read the news.” (Inskeep, 2014).

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