How to Cite a Reprinted Article

Reprinted articles can be good sources for research papers, but citing them can be a bit tricky. Before you can cite reprinted articles correctly, first choose a citation style --- Modern Language Association (MLA) and American Psychological Association (APA) are two common styles. Both methods require that reprinted articles be cited both in the text of an essay and on the list of references or the works cited page. Specific guidelines also exist for what to include in the citations.

MLA In-text Citations for Reprinted Articles

Include the author's name and the page number of the information in the text, just like any other MLA citation.

Use the author's full name if you decide to write a lead-in, and include the page number in parentheses at the end of the sentence. A lead-in is when you write the citation information into the sentence.

For example, "Thomas Hardy says such and such (45)."

Use only the author's last name with a parenthetical citation. For example: (Hardy 45).

MLA Works Cited for Reprinted Articles

Begin the citation with the author's name --- last name, comma, first name. For example, "Hardy, Thomas."

Include the title of the article next.

List the title of the original publication place, volume number, original date of publication and page numbers in the original volume.

Enter the phrase "Rpt. in" after the original publication information.

List all of the information for where the article has been reprinted. This should include the name of the publication, publication date, page numbers, and volume and issue number.

APA In-text Citations for Reprinted Articles

Include the author's name and the date of the original publication and both publication dates (original and reprinted) in all citations. Include the page numbers from the reprinted publication when citing a quotation.

Use a lead-in and parenthetical citation combination when possible. This is where the author's name is written into the sentence in an essay and the other required citation information is placed in parentheses.

For example, "Thomas Hardy (1902/2009) says such and such."

Place the last author's name and publication dates in parentheses if a lead-in cannot be used.

For example, "(Hardy, 1902/2009)".

APA List of References for Reprinted Articles

Start off with the author's name. Include the last name followed by the author's first initial.

For example, "Hardy, T."

List the following information for where the article has been reprinted: article title, title of where the article was published, volume and issue number, reprinted publication date and page numbers.

Follow the reprinted publication information with the original publication information in parentheses.

Enter the phrase "Reprinted from."

Follow the phrase with the name of the journal or magazine where the article was originally published, followed by the volume and issue number, date of the original publication and page numbers.

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