How to Cite Reprinted Books

A reprinted book, also called a republished book, is one that has been previously published. Often, publishers will reprint classic books from decades or centuries ago or will reprint a book in a different form, such as hardcover or paperback. When citing a reprinted book in APA and MLA styles, include both the original publication year and the new publication year in the citation. Since a book may have been reprinted numerous times, including the new publication year will direct readers to the specific book you used.

Step 1

Reference a reprinted book in APA style like this: Last name of book's author, first initial. (Publication year of reprinted book). Name of book. Publication city: Publishing company. (year original work was published).

For example: Butler, F. (2001). Modern writers. New York: Random House. (Original work published 1988).

Step 2

Make parenthetical citations in APA format for reprinted books using this model: (Author, years, page numbers).

For example: (Butler, 2001/1988, p. 3)

Step 3

Cite a reprinted book in MLA style using this format:

Last name of author, first name. Book's Title. Ed. Editor's name. Original publication year. Publication city: Publisher, reprint publication year.

Use this example: Hawthorne, Nathaniel. The Scarlet Letter. Ed. John Williams. 1850. London: Random House, 1999.

Step 4

Create a parenthetical citation in MLA like this: (Author pages)

For example: (Hawthorne 12).


Type the name of the book in italics when following APA and MLA style.

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