How to Cite a State Bill in APA Style

APA stands for the American Psychological Association. The point of using APA style is to create a standardized method of referencing materials. You must cite all materials in your research in order to avoid plagiarism. Follow APA style in order to cite State Bills.

Write out the title of the bill at the beginning of the citation. For example,

Small Farm Reimbursement Act of 2000.

Include the bill or resolution number after the title of the bill. Depending on the state and location of legislation this will be written slightly differently.

For example, if the bill was passed by the house of representatives in Massachusetts, it would be MA-HR.

Include the session, hearing, or congress information. This will clarify when the bill was put into motion. Use an abreviated version.

For example, Cong. for congress.

Put the year the bill passed in parenthesis last. Your final citation should look like this:

Small Farm Reimbursement Act of 2000, H.R. 2063, 110th Cong. (2000).

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