How to Cite a Strategic Plan in APA Style

If you use a strategic business plan as a resource in preparing a research paper, you need to cite it. Citations add credibility and believability to research findings and conclusions while acknowledging use of another person's work. To avoid plagiarism, properly credit the author or owner of all your resources.

In-Text Citation

American Psychological Association formatting requires that you include the author's last name and the year of publication in parenthesis. If the strategic plan does not identify an author, include the title of the plan and year of publication. Using italic type, capitalize the first letter of each word in the title. When you refer to ideas or information from the plan but don't mention the title, place the title and publication year in parenthesis following the closing period of any sentence or paragraph in which it was referenced.

References Section Citation

Your references-section citation should include the author's last name -- if available -- or the name of the company/organization that published the plan. Include the year of publication enclosed in parenthesis, the title of the strategic plan in italics capitalizing only the first letter, the report or volume number if available with the number enclosed in parenthesis, the location and name of the publisher if the source is a printed publication. If the source is online, identify the publisher in a retrieval statement unless the publisher is already identified as the author.

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