How to Cite a Texas Statute in APA

Updated March 23, 2017

By the time you reach college, it is crucial that you correctly cite references in your term papers. This is not only to make your papers more professional, but also to avoid possible charges of plagiarism. American Psychological Association (APA) style sets out clear guidelines for legal citation. When citing Texas statutes, follow the general APA format for the citation of state laws.

List the name of the body of law. When citing Texas state law, this information would appear as follows: Texas Gen. Laws

List the number of the chapter in which the statute appears, followed by a comma. For example: ch. 39,

List the number of the section in which the statute appears in the following format: ยง 2B.

List the name of the statute, followed by a period. For example: An Act to Designate Parking Spaces in Urban Areas.

List the number or year of the volume in which the statute appears. For example: 2001

List the page number on which the statute appears, followed by a period. For example: Texas Acts 127.

List the date on which the statute was passed in the following format: 9 December 2001.

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