How to Cite Uniform Crime Reports

How to cite Uniform Crime Reports depends on the college or professor and the style manual. Since citation rules are strictly observed, pay particular attention to wording, spaces and punctuation. Uniform Crime Reports are Internet-based government reports and generally cited as such.

American Psychological Association

When using APA style, cite the full name of the agency, followed by the abbreviation in brackets, and then the date of the report. In subsequent citations, cite just the abbreviation and the year. In the references section, cite the organization in full, the year, the title of the publication in italics, and the words “Retrieved from” with the URL without ending punctuation. An in-text example would read: Violence ... increased (Federal Bureau of Investigation [FBI], 2012). A reference citation would read: Federal Bureau of Investigation. (September 2012). Crime in the United States, 2012 {italicized}. Retrieved from

Chicago Manual In Text

Cite crime reports to the Chicago Manual of Style, or CMS, by placing the agency's full name and the year of the report in parenthesis at the end of the sentence, abbreviating the agency name in subsequent citations. Cite part of a source by placing a comma after the year, followed by the page number. When using the agency's name in the discussion, place the year in parenthesis after the name. But, when citing the agency as the source, use the year without parenthesis. In-text citations would read like this: Violence ... increased (Federal Bureau of Investigation 2012, 4). According to … the FBI (2012). In the FBI 2012, the trend decreased.

Chicago Manual References Section

Cite in the references section by placing the the agency, year, report title in italics, medium in brackets, location, the word “Accessed,” with the year, and the words “Available from,” with the URL and a period. A reference citation would look like this: Federal Bureau of Investigation. 2012. Crime in the United States 2012 {italicized} [Uniform Crime Reports online]. Baltimore. Accessed 12 June 2014. Available from Internet.

Chicago Manual Notes Style

When citing to the notes style, cite the reference as a footnote or endnote number immediately after the ending period of the sentence, at the end of a clause or before an em dash. Cite references by using the author-date format after the footnote number. Bibliographies that replace or follow the notes section use the author-date references section format, without numbering.


Citations using the the Modern Language Association, or MLA, style begin by including the agency name or the title in text. An in-text citation would read like this: According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, violent crime increased slightly in 2012. Cite in the works cited section by listing the agency, “title,” in quotes,” agency abbreviation, year, medium and date of access. MLA does not require the URL, but if a professor requests it, include the URL at the end in angle brackets. Format references in the Works Cited section like this: Federal Bureau of Investigation. “Crime ... 2012.” FBI. September 2012. Web. 13 May 2014. {URL in angle brackets}

Council of Science Editors

Citations for the Council of Science Editors, or CSE, citation and sequence style, like the CMS, use a sequential superscript number for each citation, except that citation repetitions use the same number. Citations in the reference section include the entry number, agency (US) [abbreviation of the agency], title of the report, [Internet], location, agency abbreviation, publication year and month, number of pages and “Available from:” with the URL. A references citation, paying careful attention to order and punctuation, would read like this: 2. Federal Bureau of Investigation (US) [FBI]. Crime in the United States 2012 [Internet]. Baltimore, MD: FBI; 22 p. 2013 September; Available from:

CSE Name and Year Style

In-text CSE citations are identical to the CMS author-date format, except for using the abbreviation for page when citing partial sources. Like the CMS style, abbreviate the agency name in subsequent instances. In-text citations would read like this: The report, … (Federal Bureau of Investigation 2012, p. 11). For both CSE styles, when citing to a bibliography section, use the references format, but without numbers.

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