How to Contact an Author

If you love to read, you probably have a favorite author or two whose work you particularly enjoy. Perhaps you'd like to contact that author to let him know how much you like his books. Or, maybe you'd like to contact an author to ask permission to quote her work or perhaps to appear as a speaker for an organization. There are several ways you can contact an author.

Send a letter to the author in care of her publisher. You can find publisher contact information in the front of the author's book or on the publisher's website.

Visit the author's website. An author usually posts a contact email address on his website. If you're not sure if the author has a website, look up his name online to find out.

Log onto the author's message board, if one exists. Some authors happily chat with the public on blogs and message boards. At least you might find someone on the message board who knows how to contact the author.

Write to the author's agent. Agents forward correspondence to the author. Always be professional and clearly state your intentions for contacting the author in your letter.

Find out if the author is doing a book signing at a local bookstore or appearing at a convention or writer's conference in your area. Make plans to attend the event and approach the author, if possible.


If contacting an author through her publisher, make sure to address your correspondence to the correct division or department. For instance, if the author is a children's book author, address the letter to the publisher's children's books department.

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