How to Create an Ebook for Free

Writing an eBook can be a rather difficult task. The perseverance and determination needed is great, and the book must be important and easily accessible to an audience. However, creating the actual eBook once it is finished is a relatively simple thing to do, and you'll have an ebook that you can either sell or give away. Assuming you have already written your eBook, the process of creating it can be relatively cheap. The PDF file type is used in this article due to its ability to retain graphics and text.

Download and install a PDF-creator program (see Resources). This program creates a printer option in your printers folder called PDF Creator. Unlike a regular hardware-based printer, this printer will save your document to PDF format, where it will appear exactly as it would if you printed the document on a normal printer.

Using the word processor you used to write the eBook, open up the document that contains what you want to make your eBook from.

You may wish to spend some time making any final changes you feel are required, such as any sentence editing, paragraph adding or deleting, or restructuring the layout of the book.

When you feel the book is ready, print the file. Be sure to select the PDF Creator printer at the prompt.

At the next prompt, click on the Save button. Be sure to specify the name of the file and where PDF Creator should put it.


From here, you may want to upload the new ebook to a site such as Lulu, which allows people to self-publish their work. Other places include Amazon's Kindle and Sony's eReader store.

Many budding writers release a free eBook to get their name in the world, so providing the eBook free of charge may provide returns later on.

Be sure to check the new PDF file before you upload, to ensure that it looks good enough to publish.