How to Create an Email Signature in Word

An email signature is a fancy name for a text box at the end of an email message. It can contain any information that you would like to provide to the email recipient. For example, if you wanted to use an email signature at your place of employment, you could include your name and some pertinent contact information, such as telephone number, fax number and company name. You might even include a company logo. If you take a few minutes to create an email signature in Microsoft Word, Microsoft Outlook will automatically add it to each email that you send.

Open Microsoft Word. Use your mouse to choose the Tools menu. Then click on "Options." Click on the General tab, if you are not already there.

Click "Email Options" and then click on the Email Signature tab.

Enter a name for your email signature in the box marked "Type the Title of your Email Signature or Choose From the List".

Insert your name and any other information that you would like to include at the end of your emails in the box titled "Create Your Email Signature." You can format the text to change its appearance if you wish. You can even include a picture. Experiment with different fonts and colors until you get the look you want.

Click "Add" once you are happy with the way your email signature looks.

Go to Outlook and open a new email message. You should see your email signature at the bottom. This confirms that you set it up correctly, and now it will be added to the end of all of your emails.

You may want to use a larger, bolder font for your name compared to the rest of the text in your email signature. This will help your name to stand out.

Be sure you check your email signature for accuracy before you use it. It could be embarrassing if you had a typo in your company's name or transposed a couple of digits in your telephone number.

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