How to Write a Magazine Review


How to Write a Magazine Review. Writing a magazine review can be fun yet challenging. A writer must know the company's guidelines to write a suitable review. Usually these guidelines are given before the assignment is provided. The company will send you guidelines and then send you the magazines they want you to research, read and review in your own words. Learn how you can write a magazine review and submit it for publication.

1. Take Notes

Start by buying the magazines you are assigned to review. Read every page and start taking notes on the layout, topics, color theme and photos. Notice how you feel while reading the magazine and if it keeps your attention.

2. Draft for the Audience

Compile a draft review of the assigned magazine and add in ideas and take out ideas that you do not like. Ask yourself who is going to read this review and what will they want to know about the magazine.

3. Write about the Content and Audience

Start writing down points about the magazine. Issues such as content, topics, age and gender demographics should be addressed. In general, consider whether the focus is on news or entertainment.

4. Would you buy the magazine?

Ask yourself if you would buy this magazine again. Decide if the magazine makes you want to read more. Also consider the format and presentation of the material as well as the focus on topics.

5. Write your opinion

Format your review by writing down your personal feel about the magazine and then write about the positives and negatives of the magazine. People like to know the bad and good side of a product or media item. Give them an opinion from both sides and tie it up in the end with your overall opinion or rating. Try to be brief, to the point and factual.

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