How to Submit Images to Getty

Updated February 21, 2017

Are you a photographer that has captivating images that you'd like to share? Getty Images is a website that shares and sells high-end resolution photographs. If you are interested in sending your photos to Getty Images, keep in mind that Getty Images is mainly looking for images with a concept.

Go to the Getty Images website (see Resources). Scroll over the "Resources" tab, and click on the "Submit Your Work" option under the Community heading.

Click on the "Your Images" link in "Work with Us" text box on the top-left hand side of the website.

Click on the option that best suits your style of work: creative/advertising, filmmakers/moving images, news, sports and entertainment and archive.

Click on the "Creative/Advertising" option for this example. Read through the information on what Getty Images looks for in submitted work.

Register with Getty Images by going to the bottom of the screen, and clicking on the linked option to register. After registering, you can review others' work, and see what kind of images Getty is looking for. You will then need to review that requirement, and take a short quiz. After you have passed the quiz, you can submit your work, and then you'll have to check back to see if it is accepted.


Review Getty Image's requirements and policies before taking the quiz or submitting images.

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