How to Write a Welcome Speech

Man talking at meeting

A welcome speech is delivered to mark the beginning of an event or occasion, such as a conference, seminar or course. The audience and the situation should be the main focuses of a welcome speech. The objective is to greet the audience, explain why the event is so exciting and interesting, set the tone for the event and inform the audience of what to expect.

Understand the speech's purpose and how much time you have to deliver it. Knowing the amount of time will help you decide how much to include in the speech. Find out as much as you can about the event before you begin writing.

Greet the attendees at the beginning of the speech and welcome them to the event. Although the people likely know where they are, it's still a good idea to include the name of the event in the welcome speech. You may want to include information about the event's locale in the speech.

Tell the attendees why they should be interested or excited to be at the event. Identify what is special about it. For example, convey the event’s importance by describing its relevance within a field of study or to a corporation.

Provide an overview of what will occur at the event. Highlight important workshops, speakers or opportunities to socialize. In other words, tell the audience about various aspects of the event.

Introduce other speakers or key players in the event, such as the event’s planners or sponsors.

Express hopes for the event and the attendees' enjoyment of it. For example, you may wish them an enjoyable conference or hope that they are able to take away some valuable information.

Conclude by thanking the audience for attending.