How to Write an Inspirational Message

businesswoman holding sheets of paper while writing on a whiteboard

An inspirational message can provide motivation to whomever reads or listens to it. The right words can lift spirits or even spur people to make resolute life changes. Whether you’re composing a message for a community bulletin or for a public address, writing with clarity and eloquence is essential.

Tailor the length of your message to fit within the allotted space. This is essential, as you may not have room to write long messages. Examples include writing a personal message for a greeting card, or crafting remarks for an awards luncheon. Ordering your list of key points, with the most important items coming first, can insure that you make the most of your space.

Detail personal accounts when appropriate. Letting readers know about your struggles can encourage them to try harder during tough times. It can also inspire greater trust in your advice. For example, recounting your personal battle with breast cancer when writing a message for a support group can give your words additional power.

Profile the real-life experiences of others to drive home important messages. This works well if you have no first-hand knowledge of overcoming the specific obstacles mentioned in your message. Realize that it’s harder to inspire people if you seem detached from their circumstances. Mention celebrity names as well as “hometown heroes” to increase the effectiveness of your statements.

Appeal to the attitudes, likes and goals of your reader. Researching your audience can help you create invaluable messages. This may include studying previously well-received messages, or making initial contact with recipients that you don’t already know.

Utilize engaging language. Keep the reader interested in your message with descriptive words. Stay away from rambling statements, as this could cause your message to be buried in verbiage. Employ words that your audience will readily understand, as an inspirational message loses power if people can’t easily digest it.

Play up the significance of key moments. Pluck the heartstrings of your reader by stressing the importance of overcoming specific circumstances. Stress the fact that meeting challenges can lead to a brighter future. Incorporating universal themes into your message can make it resonate with the greatest amount of readers.


Studying famous inspirational messages can help you better structure your own messages.

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