How to Insert the URL Into APA Format

Updated July 20, 2017

Locate the names of all of the authors, the year of publication and the title for the article you are citing.

Locate the name, edition page numbers and URL of the journal you are citing.

Type your reference with the URL at the end. Make sure that every line after the first line is indented. The format should look like this:

First Author Last Name, First Author Initials, Second & Third Author Names. (Publication Year). Full Title of Article. [italicized] Journal of Article, [italicized] volume number, page numbers. Retrieved from http://www.TheJournalName.org

Here is an example:

Lodewijkx, H. F. M. (2001). Individual-group continuity in cooperation and competition under varying communication conditions. [italicized] Current Issues in Social Psychology, [italicized] 6(12), 166-182. Retrieved from


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