How to Learn EasyScript Shorthand

Shorthand refers to a method of fast writing which relies heavily on symbols and abbreviations for letters and words. Shorthand was a skill in demand in offices during the 1850's to the 1950's, as it was a rapid way for a stenographer or a secretary to take a dictation from her boss and then transform her notes into a typed letter. Easy Script is a company that specializes in their own technique and method of shorthand, allowing users to write twice as fast as they do in longhand.

Study the Easy Script word abbreviation method. This will allow you to drastically shorten words to one, two, three or four letters. Easy Script encourages you to leave out all the vowels of a word, abbreviating it down to the first four consonants, so the word "Writer" would become "Wrtr". Practice abbreviating words in this manner daily, until it becomes second nature to you.

Study how to shorten high frequency words down to one letter based on their phonetic sound. For example, "as" can be simply "z" and "can" can go to "k". Practice this method each day with at least 30 words.

Memorize the Easy Script list of abbreviations for prefixes and suffixes. This list will assist you in shortening words faster by breaking them down. For example, the word "proactive" contains the prefix "pro" and the suffix "-ive". As a shorthand writer, you would use the abbreivation "p" for the prefix and the abbreviation "v" for the suffix, shortening the entire word down to "pctv" or "pktv" based on whether you prefer to shorten words by consonant or phonetic sound. Make flashcards or write each abbreviation five times over each day.

Memorize the Easy Script list of abbreviations for common words. This list will help to facilitate your speed writing. The list contains abbreviations for common words like "and," which is simply "d" and "gentleman," which is "g". Create flashcards for these abbreviations and use them, or write each abbreviation five times each day for a week.

Study the Easy Script alphabet of shorthand symbols, committing yourself to learning five new symbols a day. Practice using the symbols daily by forming words with the old symbols you've already learned and incorporating the new ones you've just studied. Continue in this manner until you know the entire alphabet symbolically and can form words with these symbols without hesitation.

Practice all these methods together for at least a week or until you can take fast dictation without hesitation, writing effortlessly at the speed at which others talk.

Things You'll Need

  • Easy Script books or software
  • Paper
  • Pen
  • Flashcards
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