How to Listen to Books Online

Listening to audio books lets the would-be reader enjoy the pleasure of reading a book while doing other things. Allowing a reader to read the book aloud to you means you can get all the benefits of reading while exercising, working or driving. There are many sources to listen to audio books on the Internet if you know where to look.

Finding Sources of Audio Books

Search the Internet with your favorite search engine for terms like "audio books" or "listen to books."

Scour the sites that come up for ones that sound interesting to you. Different sites offer different catalogs of books. Some offer free audio books, while others may charge fees for the service.

Zero in on a book that interests you.

Download the files that contain the audio from the site, if possible. These files can then be transferred to mobile devices, like an MP3 player, for listening on the road. You could even burn the audio files to a CD and put it in a home or car stereo. If this is not an option, the audio file may be streamed directly to you. If you are listening at home, this may be acceptable. If you want to take your audio books on the road, then look for other sites that have similar content.

Plug in headphones or activate speakers. Push the "Play" button and let the narrator sweep you away.


There are plenty of free sites for audio books. Be diligent in your search.


A lot of classic literary novels are online for free at special projects designed to immortalize classic literature. Project Gutenberg is one such site to investigate.