How to Make an Appendix in an APA Paper

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The Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (APA) gives detailed instructions on creating an appendix in APA style. The appendix allows the author to include exhaustive details that could distract a reader if they were in the text of the manuscript. APA papers may have more than one appendix. The appendix might contain an unpublished questionnaire or test, a long table, a computer program you developed or details of an experimental procedure.

Identifying and Citing Appendixes

Label a single appendix as "Appendix."

Title each appendix. If you are including more than one appendix, label them Appendix A, Appendix B, Appendix C, etc., with A being the first appendix mentioned in the text.

Insert a citation for each appendix as you write the paper. For example: the authors used a measure of self esteem (see Appendix C).

Tables as Appendixes

When a table constitutes an entire appendix, place the word Appendix (followed by a capital letter, if appropriate) on the first line.

Place the title of the appendix on the next line. Double space everything.

Number the tables when you place a number of tables in one appendix.

Questionnaires and Tests as Appendixes

Copyright the questionnaire prior to submitting the manuscript if you want to keep the copyright to a test or questionnaire you developed. Add the date of the copyright. For example: copyright 2010 by Gray.

Find out if you need permission to use the instrument from whomever has the copyright, if the questionnaire belongs to another author. Then, obtain permission to use the questionnaire.

Cite the author of the test or questionnaire in the bibliography as well as on the questionnaire itself.

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