How to Make a Shape Poem on the Computer

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Shape poems are suitable for writers of all ages. A shape poem is a form of concrete poem. Concrete poems have visual elements that complement the meaning of the poem. In shape poems, the visual element is that the text on the page makes a shape. Simple shape poems can be done with children. Serious writers also use the shape poem. "Easter Wings," by George Herbert, is a well-known shape poem, originally printed with the text facing sideways to look like angel wings. You can create a shape poem on a computer in a few different ways.

Choose a poem subject with a shape that is visually identifiable. The text of a shape poem can be used to create the outline of a shape or to fill in the body of a shape.

Write the text of the poem. Do not worry about length or line breaks. Keep to the subject you chose.

Open a word-processing program on your computer. Use the formatting tools to create the shape of the poem. Many shape poems can be made using a word-processing program, such as a house, a diamond or a piece of fruit.

Use a graphic-design program on your computer for a more complicated shape like a guitar or an animal. The formatting tools on a graphic-design program give you more options for interesting shapes.

Use a free online shape-poem generator for very simple poems or to design a shape poem to use as a learning tool for children. Go to the shape-poem generator website. Enter your text and shape choice. The generator will create a printable poem for you.


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