What Is the Meaning of Feature Article?

Updated March 23, 2017

Characteristics of Features

Feature articles frequently contain a story line and often have entertainment value. Rather than reciting the plain facts, they go into a topic more in-depth. Background research, descriptions, quotations and personal interviews add interest to features. Because feature articles provide so many details, they're typically longer than hard news stories on a similar topic. Unlike news stories, they also sometimes withhold the main point until the end, keeping up the reader's curiosity.

Feature Types

Although feature stories come in many permutations, many focus on people. For example, human-interest feature articles bring something to life through the experiences of one or several individuals. Profile features focus on one person and open up that person's life and character to the readership. Seasonal features talk about topics of interest at a specific time, such as a holiday or an election. On dates of historical significance, historical features review past events and show their relevance.

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