How to Present a Journal Article

Journal articles are typically written by experts in a given field and encompass timely issues and subject matter pertaining to others in the same field. Medicine, science and literature are examples of fields that often have journals devoted to them. Presenting an effective journal article requires a writer to have excellent research and communication skills as well as authoritative knowledge of the topic at hand. Learn how to present a journal article that will best showcase your knowledge of the subject matter at hand.

Identify the topic for your journal article and write a title that effectively encompasses the topic you're going to write about. Titles that suggest a question and promise an answer work well for journal articles. Ensure you have a full understanding of the topic you intend to write about.

Research your topic and outline how you will present it. Choose topics that are timely to the field for which you're writing. Determine whether you will present your article in APA or MLA style, depending upon the criteria of the publication you're writing your article for (see Resources).

Write an introduction that summarizes your topic and states any intended outcome you may have regarding the conclusions of your journal topic.

Write the main body of your paper where you will present the topic in an objective style of writing. Any personal observations should be enhanced with supporting research.

Conclude your journal article by restating the conclusions you promised in your introduction and presenting those conclusions as they were discussed in your article.

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