How to Reset the Four Digit Passcode on a NOOK

In addition to the password you use for your Barnes & Noble online account, your Nook passcode restricts access to the device -- if you enable passcode protection, you'll have to input this four-digit code to unlock your Nook before use. In a high-tech world full of passwords and security questions, it's easy to forget a code or two. If your Nook passcode has slipped your mind, it only takes a little tinkering to reset it.

Step 1

Enter your Nook passcode incorrectly three times. At this point, you'll be given to option to “Disable pass code using account credentials.” Select this option.

Step 2

Enter the email address and password associated with your Barnes & Noble online account. This unlocks your Nook and disables your passcode, giving you the opportunity to reset it.

Step 3

Tap “Settings” from your Nook's Home menu, then tap “Device” and “Enable Pass Code” if you're using a Nook 1st Edition. For Nook HD or HD+, tap “Settings | General | Security | Screen Lock,” then toggle the passcode switch on and select “Set Passcode.” If you're using a Nook Tablet or Nook Color, choose “Settings | Security | Device lock passcode | Enter Passcode.”

Step 4

Enter a new four-digit passcode, enter it again to confirm it and then select “Submit” or “Continue” to finalize your new Nook passcode.


The Nook Simple Touch series does not feature passcode support -- you unlock these e-readers with a simple swiping gesture rather than a code.

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