Romantic Fantasy Story Ideas

Romantic fantasy novels feature strong women, the vanquishing of evil, powerful forces and a story of love that surpasses all challenges. Devising a romantic fantasy story idea can allow you a space to fulfill your deepest personal fantasies. The worlds that these novels are set in can range from a time set in the past, such as the romantic medieval era; a faraway galaxy; or even a parallel universe that's not so different from our own. No matter how you devise your story idea, remember that the best story to tell is the one that you would most enjoy as a reader.

The Powerful Heroine

Many romantic fantasies feature a powerful female protagonist. One potential idea involves the leading lady running from or leaving a negative situation, such as a bad family or an abusive partner. She later discovers she has some special powers, such as psychic abilities or magic powers. Forced to use these powers to save someone or a group of people, she goes on to have a loving and amazing destiny in the end.

The Transitional Figure

This plot involves a character who has recently faced some major changes, such as a murdered family or a figure who is on a journey seeking a new life. This protagonist is not necessarily a warrior but has saved a group or a person by luck and possibly some kind of special power. In the course of the novel, this character typically falls in love and goes on to have a happy ending.

A Chosen Group

Widespread troubles, such as a post-apocalyptic scenario, draw together a group of people who are very different from one another. Typically, these people aren't what readers would think of as heroes or leading figures. They may be outcasts or other minority types. They discover that together, they have some sort of magic powers or ability that they would not have alone. They go on to help the larger community and find love and romance in the end.

Far-flung Love

Many romantic fantasy plots involve bringing the two main characters together under extraordinary circumstances. Time travel, space travel, ghosts and parallel worlds are all ways to utilize the fantasy aspect of your story to bring the lovers together. This emphasizes the fact that the two are "made for one another"; they cannot be parted by these incredible forces. Usually the two have to face challenges and resolve conflicts before they can come together in the end.

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