What Are Three Elements of a Good Paragraph?

The three basic elements of a paragraph are a good topic sentence, a clear and concise body, and a conclusion that wraps up the point you're trying to convey. Combining these elements with clarity of thought and word, will ensure that what you're trying to say comes through loud and clear every time.

Topic Sentence

Topic sentences come at the beginning of each paragraph. Topic sentences should be general statements; introduce the overall idea without going into detail. The first sentence should also be indented. Your topic sentence is commonly referred to as the “controlling idea” of the paragraph.

Body Sentences

The body of the paragraph contains sentences that follow the topic sentence. Provide additional details and give a clear, coherent idea of what your paragraph is about. Insert facts, make arguments and analyze the issue.


The final sentences should sum up all of the information found in the topic and body sentences. By this point, you should have made your case. This is where connections are made. Think of the conclusion sentence as the reverse of the topic sentence; the final statement should be general, but sum up the entire paragraph.

Coherent Details

All three elements: topic sentence, body sentences and conclusion, should be presented in a clear and concise manner. The details in your paragraph should be clear enough so that a reader follows what you've written and understands it.

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