How to Write an Alphabet Poem

Two types of alphabet poems are often used with young children today. ABC poems consist of five lines starting with five consecutive letters of the alphabet. They focus on imagery of a feeling or mood. Alphabet poems have 26 lines, one for each letter of the alphabet. They may be more narrative in scope. Before writing, choose between an ABC poem and an alphabet poem.

ABC Poems

For ABC poems, choose the mood you want to convey and think of imagery that might describe it. Then think of key words you can use in the poem. Choose words that begin with letters that are within five spaces away from each other in the alphabet. Construct your poem in five lines based on your key words, with each line beginning with a consecutive letter of the alphabet.

Alphabet Poems

For alphabet poems, write all 26 letters of the alphabet, each on a new line, on the left side of your paper. Then think of a story that you want to narrate or a theme for your poem. Jot down a few notes or an outline. Once you have the details decided, begin writing your poem with one phrase or sentence on each line. The first word of each phrase or sentence must begin with the letter of the alphabet on that line.

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